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Microsoft Surface 2.0

UX디자인 2012. 3. 20. 20:45


'UX디자인' 카테고리의 다른 글

휴즈플로우(우리 회사)의 배너를 만들었어요~  (0) 2012.04.02
Pictogram  (0) 2012.03.20
Microsoft Surface 2.0  (0) 2012.03.20
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어린이들을 위한 '안전짱 박람회' 에서 로이비주얼사의 '로보카폴리'의 소스를 이용해 서피스의 장점인 멀티터치를 최대사용 해서 태그를 올리면 영상이 실행되는 작업물.

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케릭터 3총 세트

UX디자인 2011. 7. 29. 17:09

회사에서 개발중인 'Fortune Coins' 에 들어갈 캐릭터인데요. 묵찌빠 게임의 결과창에서 나오는 케릭터 입니다.

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  1. 헤드헌터도사 2011.08.01 15:14  댓글주소  수정/삭제  댓글쓰기

    좋은 소식있는데 연락처 쫌...

가고싶다 MIX2011

이것저것 2011. 2. 14. 01:53

이번주 월요일에 MIX행사 관련 발표가 사내에서 이루어지는데요.

영어울렁증을 담고 영어발표를 준비 해 보았습니다.

Greetings, I am Lee Ki Baek of the Design Team.

I would like to tell that I want to participate in MIX, and I will give you 3 reasons I necessarily have to go.

First, it is UX. It is true that many people think that MIX event is focused on presentations of developers. However, this is wrong. MIX is an integrated stage which diverse information can be gained and shared regarding UX and innovation for not only developers, but also designer, and all UX experts. We would like to gain much information and inspiration regarding UX and be much help to the UX design team of our company.

Second, it is silverlight 5. Microsoft is publishing new version every year, and in this MIX, it will be presenting the new version, silverlight 5. I am manufacturing and designing many applications using silverlight blend program. By learning the new technology and information of silver light program faster than anyone else, my goal is to enhance the perfection of my application by figuring out the skills I require and what I lack.

Finally, it is Window phone 7. These days, our company is also developing much applications of Window 7, and it has been in the news, too. Window phone 7 is not launched in Korea yet, but it is becoming a worldly issue.

Even in this work ship, I would be able to see the completed Window phone apps, and also, the technology and the tips and tricks to make global level apps for registering to the market place.

Until now, I have told why I want to go, and about the 3 core reasons that I should go. Aside to these.

there are many reasons, and as you know, Las Vegas is a casino city. I would like to go to the casino bar and get Mr. Geun Hwa’s money I have left there, and relieve Mr. Geun Hwa!

And, this is a secret, these days, I am exercising every day at home to go to MIX. I will hold your heavy bags instead for you who will go with me.!

By experiencing the various cultures in this MIX, it would become an important turning point for my life as well as an opportunity to step into a broader world, not as a frog in a well, by gaining inspiration in design.

I absolutely can’t miss this one chance. Please consider well. Thank you.

짧은 영어실력과 여러사람의 도움으로 PPT가 완성되었습니다.

MIX행사를 가게되는지 결과는 12시간 후에....


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  1. 건태 2011.02.14 07:01  댓글주소  수정/삭제  댓글쓰기

    이런 영어로만 쓰면 스팸 처리 당하는군요.^^;; I think your presentation can be good. there is some incorrection. that's ok.fighting!.

  2. loveciel 2011.02.14 17:12  댓글주소  수정/삭제  댓글쓰기

    you did a good job! Don't mind consequence . 헐 영어 쓰면 차단인가요 ㅋㅋ

지난 10월달에 이걸 찍는다고 고생했었죠.

처음이 중요한거라고..

카메라 앞에 서는 자체도 처음이라 많이 긴장하고 떨렸던 기억이 나네요.

그래도 편집을 잘해주셔서 몇번 봐도 어색하지 않게 해주셨네요^^

윈도우폰이 국내엔 아직 출시 되지 않았지만, 우리 회사는 여러가지 어플들을 많이 개발을 했는데요.


요게 가시면 어떤 어플을 만들었는지 볼 수가 있고요.


여기에 가시면 우리회사가  '기획'에서 '개발' 그리고 '디자인'까지 어플이 만들어지는  과정을 담은 영상이 있

으니 참고 하시면 되요^^

(이번주는 퉁쳤네여..)
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  1. 몽슈니 2010.12.13 00:06 신고  댓글주소  수정/삭제  댓글쓰기

    정말 고생하셨어요. ㅎㅎ 보는내내 손발이 오글오글 하긴했지만 ㅋㅋ 그래도 멋져요 +_+